Custom Fabrication


All-Tech Sign Co. has the ability for high-tech metal and plastic fabrication.  Working from a simple sketch, design specification, photo or your CAD drawings, we can assist you by suggesting the right materials, fabrication steps and even make recommendations for you about existing designs that might be improved because of our fabrication and materials knowledge.


All-Tech Sign can provide CAD and CNC machining to produce parts with dimensions, tolerances and regularity. Some items we create and fabricate are personal and custom to your company or personal need and because of their size, complexity or the need for very high-quality specialty material, demand a craftsman's touch and experience. We've fabricated items as simple as creating a unique or one-of-a-kind display or solving problems with emergency vehicle storage bins.


All-Tech Sign Specializes in Plastic and Metal Fabrication
We at All-Tech Sign are specialists in a wide variety of plastic materials like Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Corian, Polypropylene, ABS Plastic, etc.
We can also manufacture reverse engraved material with various colors and thicknesses.
We engrave brass, stainless, aluminum, and acrylics including paint fill per your color request. 
Both plastic and metal fabrications involve a wide range of distinct manufacturing processes. This range allows for a considerable number of customization and selection options in component design.


  • Sheet Metal Brake Forming 10 foot capacity
  • Power Sheet Metal Shearing
  • Hot Air Plastic Welding
  • Sheet Plastic Bending
  • MIG-Welding Steel and Aluminum
  • Flat-Bed CNC Machining
  • 48” High Speed Vinyl Cutter
  • Full color Vinyl Printing


Below are a few of the needs we have met for our customers… Each Project and Design is personal to our customers needs and has been designed and fabricated using a variety of materials and processes. Including: (but most defiantly not limited to) CNC Machining, Welding, Plastic bonding, Etching, Vinyl, Doming, or Engraving.  All processes available for indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Specialty Polyethylene Tool Holders & Boxes
  • Emergency Vehicle Storage
  • Memorial Designs
  • Personalization
  • You think it and we can fabricate it.